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What will people say (2017) URDU-ITA 1080p H.264 (moviesbyrizzo)
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1920 X 800 H.264 video 448k Dolby AC3 main audio track in (Mainly Urdu) with some Norwegian spoken parts 224k second audio track in Dolby AC3 stereo Italian audio selection option

Subtitles included for English, Italian Norwegian Polish and Portuguese (Brazil)  

This is a movie about an eastern cultured family and community of sorts existing within western society - the result of which is an obvious incompatibility it would appear coming to the fore when conflicts arise which involve religious and cultural beliefs and mores.

The family featured is Pakistani and so I should say that I have seen quite a lot of this culture growing up for my first few years of life spent in Tanzania (formerly of British East Africa)

They are a peoples who in my view give genuine care of sorts and strive for real love and commitment before committing to relationships - especially of a sexual nature - usually reserved for the confines of marriage. They don't simply feign affection as all too many similarly presenting members of western society all too often do in my own opinion - a result - no doubt - of the differences in cultural phenomenons affecting this development over time perhaps.

That said, I do believe that the best of folks in western culture are in fact the ones to give each other true love and affection unreservedly and without compromise keeping in line with what it is which
they deserve and are compatible with equally.

Ultimately I think that in order to be fairest and to preserve the best of who you are and what it is you deserve and shouldn't have to give up for less, folks should strive to remain in those native communities where they actually most truly belong in the first place and are happier therefore
for it despite the drawbacks of poverty and corruption in their native Pakistan I should point out as is seen in this video.

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