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Casino (1995) 4K UHD 2160p DTS-HD AC3 ENG-ITA (moviesbyrizzo)
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Dual English Italian Robert De Niro Sharon Stone Martin Scorsese
2019-11-21 04:25:47 GMT
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A movie by Martin Scorsese (Goodfellas) 

3840 X 1636 H.264 video @10000k video bitrate
4165k DTS-HD Main English audio track
640k Dolby AC3 6ch alternate English audio track
640k Dolby AC3 6ch optional Italian audio track 

Several of the best song selection from the soundtrack also included for you

Subtitles folder includes SRT subs for the following languages: 
Arabic Brazilian Portuguese Czech Danish Dutch Farsi French German Greek
Hebrew Hungarian Italian Norwegian Portuguese Romanian Russian Slovenian Spanish
Swedish and Turkish

This is a great "mob" movie about the rackets in Las Vegas with the gambling
industry and the personalities involved in this tale. There's also the romance 
between the greatest of men, perhaps - Mr. Robert De Niro and the loveliest 
of gals - Ms. Sharon Stone. These two have to learn to appreciate one another 
more and realize they are up to the job of being fair loving and  giving - if both are giving their best to make the match work in worthy fashion as they certainly 
could - and must in what is to come I believe.

There's an interesting moment when a corrupt Las Vegas Gambling official tells our 
own De Niro that "your people think this is their home, when it isn't at all"
He was referring obviously to some types down there who don't appreciate the 
greatness that is the stuff of De Niro and his genre for industry creativity 
and strength and idealistic goodness which comes fro the core. As such the
corrupt individual of an official should be on notice that his time making such
statements about the better people is at an end and that no doubt the thinking 
on this will soon be reversed in the minds of sanely thinking fair people I know.
Joe Pesci's character  sure does throw his weight around in this movie and is
unacceptably and insanely rude to De Niro and "underlings" as he sees them. He
finally gets put in his place for it in the minds of many I would suppose.
I do love Sharon Stone - great seeing her!

Thanks for seeding
Michael Rizzo Chessman