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Sims 2 - All In One - all expansions and updates and languages
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the sims sims ´the sims 2 sims 2
2011-10-29 19:10:49 GMT

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Sim2 AIO (all all expansions, updates and languages, including SWEDISH)

This is the full game of Sims 2 with all expansion and service packs installed. Basically this unpacks the full game and makes the required reg keys. Thereby dodging a good 3 hour install with serial input. I didn't put in the reg keys for body shop. I've only tested this on two systems. An XP system and a Win7 system. It should work. If not, please report below.

This pack includes:

Apartment Life
Bon Voyage
Celebration Stuff
Family Fun Stuff
Glamour Life Stuff
H&M® Fashion Stuff
Happy Holiday Stuff
Holiday Party Pack
IKEA Home Stuff
Kitchen & Bath Interior Design Stuff
Mansion and Garden Stuff
Open for Business
Teen Style Stuff

Thanks to:
My sister - Pestered the hell out of me to do this.
NSIS - It's the installer
Reg Plugin - I needed to mess with the registry for this to work.
EA Games - If it wasn't for your slave driving salaried employment tactics I wouldn't have to do this to begin with. Burn in hell. It's the developers that make your games, not your over paid CEO's.
FFF - Nice keygen, I hope you make more mass keygens.

This installs the game and an uninstaller. It also includes the needed Direct X drivers.

When installing, make sure to install it as Administrator as this does effect the registry. If the game still won't install stop the torrent and restart your computer.

-- Other Data --
NSIS Files -

Registry Plugin for NSIS -



where is body shop?
When I try to go into building mode, it always crashes- what's up with that? I'm running on Windows 8, tried compatibility mode on Windows 7 and even Vista, but it never works...
If you have newer graphics card like Radeon HD 7xxx and you're having graphics issues like 800x600 resolution only, poor performance and low quality textures, check this out:
Just make an origin account then have EA call you and tell them you have the Retail version of Sims 2 and wanted to get ultimate, I literally got it for free without even proving I owned the retail game. (I do, but still)
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